Empire Logistics Report: ELR403

::: start transmission /// decryption sequence:~ [redacted] :::

Officer Name: [redacted]
Base Location: [redacted]
Week Ending: 17|03|[YC115]10

Greetings Astroyka,

Many things have been happening during your absence, some of which require your attention and guidance, others which are business as usual.

Astronautic Engineering

Astronautic Engineering

Firstly I must report the loss of 6.8 Billion ISK due to an administrative error on my part. As you know I have been progressing with my skill training and branching out into defence of the Minmatar Republic against the Angel Cartel. In the process of buying new skill programmes and manuals to assist me, I unfortunately purchased (while a being a legitimate sale) Astronautic Engineering, which currently has no inherent use for a capsuleer!

Clearly the loss of 6.8B was a blow to the finances, but I have been working diligently to recoup those losses and can report I have managed to restore the balance accordingly. Further more I have taken steps to limit the amount of available ISK I have by transferring 90% of our holdings to a secure location to ensure such mishaps don’t happen again.

We can speak over GalNet or I can visit you personally if you need to discuss this matter further. I again extend my sincere apologies for the error.

In regards to business as usual, your Empire space team have recruited a dedicated mining foreman with excellent skills in managing mining operations for the fleet. His Brutor heritage has come in handy when securing cloning facilities for other corporation members and is a real asset to the corporation.

Tritanium Graph

Tritanium Graph

We have been progressing with new market strategies and recently returned to Tritanium trading with visible effects on the local region. While the margins were low for the trades and only managed approx. 200 Million ISK profit over 5 days of trading it was an interesting experiment of how the region deals with a mass clearing of sell orders and then the associated re-sale at a higher price.

In total we purchase over a billion units of Tritanium and were able to re-sell the stock within 24 hours of the final shipment. We made a small faux pas with a single trade of 60 million units that was located in system surrounded by low security space, which was too risky to retrieve, but sold pretty much straight away with no loss of profit.

We have concluded this phase of the experiment, but will be looking at alternative goods to apply the model to. Hopefully with larger returns!

We are currently working with your friend and colleague on a separate project to manufacture and sell [product redacted]. We are in the process of collecting the materials needed both using the regional markets as well as mining operations and Planetary Interaction. I will keep you apprised of the status of this project via GalNet during its formative days.

Camera Drone XA01:  Colony Facility

Camera Drone XA01: Colony Facility

Moving on to Planetary Interaction, we have relocated our entire colonies to another system and region. The reason for this was mainly due to our relocation of mining operations and to consolidate our supply lines. We shall be producing [product redacted] both for sale to the general populace as well as for internal projects we are working on. As you can see from the attached camera drone image we are currently running at 50% capacity and hope to have the facility at 100% within 2 days.

The relocation of our colony did mean some staff took voluntary redundancy as some did not want to relocate. They were generously compensated and I believe 95% of them found further employment within other colonies based on our recommendations and references.

On a separate note, while I don’t condone your extravagant gambling on SOMERblink, I’d like to thank you for your recent contracts of two Orca’s to our mining fleet. We have already moved them from Jita and setup additional mining locations where they will be used.

Signing off, [name redacted]

::: end transmission :::

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