Rumours of Amarrian slave raids

A few days ago a disturbing news report was released intimating that Amarr is to resume slave raids into Minmatar space. Obviously the Amarrian representatives played down the claims, but we all can read between the lines on such matters.

AmarrAccording to a leaked Federal security briefing, House Sarum of the Amarr Empire has allegedly been commissioning several flotillas of large transport barges for the purposes of launching slave raids into war torn systems of the Minmatar Republic. The leak also provides information regarding the training of extra numbers of small-sized military squads, considered a particularly curious detail given Amarr military doctrine typically prefers to press numerical advantages when possible.

The Republic and Militia will not stand for this and already there is talk of blockades and pre-emptive strikes against Amarrian transport vessels entering the area.

I will have to agree with the following quote, Matari civilians should have been moved from the war zone a long time ago, even if it meant relocating them from their ancestral homes.

Katran LuftschreckKatran Luftschreck

Maybe they’re considering actually evacuating people out of the war zone? Like I said before, it’s an embarrassment to all nations that anyone is still having to live on those worlds. Not that I expect civilian mercy-mission transports to be any less likely to come under fire than a slave transport.

Many will be watching how this news story progresses, including me, in the hopes the rumours are not true. As a member of the militia I will do everything I can to protect those civilians if Amarr goes ahead with the raids.

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