The “Clone Soldier” debate

There have been recent news reports regarding the creation of so-called “Clone Soldiers” by the major factions of New Eden, while the official reports and stories are sparse the reaction and debate in the capsuleer community has been much greater.

The main story broke with the headline Jacus Roden reveals existence of “cloned mercenaries”, announces Federation purge, which outlines the Federations involvement with the soldiers. It also speaks of how the technology to create the soldiers was “initially created using salvage from beyond the wormholes” and how the other factions have also been experimenting with such technology.

As a capsuleer, I’ve grown accustomed to how non-capsuleers see us as immortal and rarely think about my mortality any more, which is probably a little arrogant of me for sure, but to think a new breed of immortal beings are now essentially being manufactured for the sole purpose of war does leave me cold.

Clone SoldierReading further into the story it seems the cloning and “re-birth” process isn’t perfect and as a consequence vast numbers of these soldiers suffer mental abnormalities causing them to become violent and hateful. The result is that the factions who have created these clones are now in a process of purging the ranks in an effort to protect the wider population.

It didn’t take long for Amarr to enter the debate when the news story broke with Empress Jamyl I announces Empire intent to welcome clone soldiers with open arms. After reading the story I couldn’t help thinking that those soldiers were simply new slaves for Amarr and that the usual rhetoric spouted regarding “Reclaiming” was at odd to how the Matari are being treated.

The Intergalactic Summit was a focal point for the debate of the story and I voiced my opinions along with the rest of the interested parties. If you read through the debate you will see both sides of the argument, albeit heated in some places or filled with the usual Amarrian dogma.

Two things stand out for me in the debate and the question of Reclaiming:

Samira Kernher – The Reclaiming includes slavery as one method of conversion, for those that are defiant and unwilling to give themselves to God

Jacus Roden – The technology used for the original soldiers is flawed. Those who have been implanted with it invariably go mad. They turn violent and hateful.

Between these two statements, one from an Amarrian capsuleer and the other from the President of the Gallente Federation, it would imply to me that the soldiers would invariably become slaves to Amarr, albeit at the detriment of Amarr!

We will have to see how this all plays out in the coming weeks before we can determine the true cost of the purging and the motives of Amarr.

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