Warzone Status Report: WSR1150320

Over the past four weeks the Minmatar Militia have been working hard to regain control of 84% of the warzone and force the enemy back into their strongholds such as Kamela, Siseide and Sahtogas. The republic currently holds 59 of the 70 systems in the warzone and continue to push the attack into the more resilient areas.

Warzone Status 20/03/YC115Looking at the Warzone Control map, you will see the effects of the military action of the brave men and women of the Republic militia. Not a single system under Amarr control is stable, all are at a high level of “contested” status or even vulnerable.

Reading the intel channels and news reports it seems the Amarr militia may have moved focus over to the Gallente/Caldari warzone to aid their Caldari cohorts. If that is the case then the fall of their Amarrian assets in the Republic borderlands will be inevitable and will happen quickly.

Are we looking at the total domination of the warzone? It maybe a little early to say, but the signs are there, all we can do is watch the situation and never let down our guard.

Minmatar Republic


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