Begining of the Clone Wars

With recent talk regarding “Clone Soldiers” and “Clone Mercenaries” I decided to do a little more research on the subject to try and understand who they are and what they mean for New Eden. The disjointed reports and conjecture when stitched together paint an alarming picture of who these soldiers are and who controls them.

Battle for Caldari PrimeI don’t normally follow events in Caldari space, I may be Caldarian by birth, but that’s where my association stops. I don’t see the Caldari as my kin and haven’t for a very long time. Most capsuleers are aware of the tensions between Gallente and Caldari, and the story of how Tibus Heth rose to power and called for Caldarians to take up arms and fight the Gallente, its seems now that this conflict will have a new twist in the form of the clone soldier.

The flash point is going to be Caldari Prime, it was inevitable this planet would be the focus for hostilities since its considered the home planet of Caldarians:

Caldari Prime has been the cause for bitter rivalry and, at times, open war between the Gallente Federation and Caldari State. It is the homeworld of Caldari and, as a result of a treaty following a Caldari sneak attack, is considered to be a part of the Caldari State, even though it is situated in a Gallente solar system. As citizens of both empires live on the planet, tensions have often run high and rebellious elements of the Gallente population have taken to arms to fight what they see as an illegal occupation of their homes.

Caldari Prime has been the scene of innumerable battles over the past three days. The mercenaries are fighting viciously for every district, being contracted both by the planet’s Gallente rebels and the Caldari State’s Provist occupation force to fight the most brutal of wars.

With a Caldari Navy Leviathan-class Titan in orbit of the planet, the vessel serves as a measure of mutually assured destruction should peace be compromised.

There has been vicious fighting over the past few days in the Luminaire system, with Caldari Prime being centre stage, but it looks like things will escalate even more as both sides ramp their military machines to new bloody heights.

Orbital BombardmentLooking closer to home, I missed a report on the first Tribal Council in over a thousand years. I was aware it was happening, but failed be part of the fleet following the delegation. How the Republic will enter the new arena of cloned soldiers is still vague, but if the plan is to use these soldiers and take the fight to Amarr I will do what I can to assist whether it be transportation of troops or even Orbital Bombardments on tactical and strategic targets.

Interesting times are ahead for New Eden and how these new soldiers will shape the political and economic landscape only time will tell.

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