Evac of Gallente & Caldari civilians



As tension grows around the Battle for Caldari a capsuleer lead evacuation of civilians from both sides of the conflict is under way as of 01:13 22/03/YC115 in Luminaire.

The relief effort is being coordinated by Anslo of the Gallente Federation with support from Disciples of Ston, Incursion Squad and the Av’Nim family to mention a few. Ships capable of carrying large volumes of civilians are being requested, but with the caveat that there may be hostilities so reasonable defences may be fitted to protect the civilians.

The response to Anslo’s call has been answered by some unlikely groups especially since the relief effort is not racially biased. I can’t help being cynical at times like this, but I really do hope that the relief effort goes unmolested and there are no opportunistic pilots out there who try to hinder the good work Anlso and his unlikely group of relief workers are trying achieve this evening.

Good luck Anslo and crew.

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