Caldari Prime, the aftermath

It’s been a couple of days since the Battle for Caldari Prime ended the five year orbit of the Caldari Navy Titan, Shiigeru, with devastating consequences.

Shiigeru DestructionWhile capsuleers and Gallente forces rejoiced in the destruction of the Titan and routed the rested of the Caldari fleet, the real cost of the conflict was yet to be seen as the wrecked hull of the Titan plummeted towards the planet and into the atmosphere.

The reality of being powerless to stop a disaster unfolding before my eyes was a surreal experience, there is no known technology available to divert the disaster and you are left to watch the spectacle of this enormous ship fall from the sky. Powerless.

News reports from the Caldari Prime are coming through of witness accounts that a seven kilometre piece of the ship passed overhead on entry, causing a concussion wave strong enough to topple a number of high-rise buildings and cause widespread damage to a large area of the south side of Arcurio city.

Devastated City

There was a communications blackout when the ship hit the surface as massive amounts of debris was ejected into the atmosphere, the ship impacting in the far south of the Kaalakiota peaks, approximately 700 kilometres west of Arcurio.

As of 23/03/YC115 @ 11:00 Eve Standard Time (EST), communication was re-established with the planet and more information was available on the devastation. The wreckage is reportedly spread over an area of some two million square kilometres, several details about the area remain unclear due to an impenetrable blanket of atmospheric dust and ash that restricts orbital reconnaissance.

Relief CorporationsAtmospheric scrubbers are being deployed to clean the debris from the atmosphere, the Servant Sisters of EVE, along with Combined Harvest and Caldari Provisions have already begun to appeal for relief donations.

Many independent capsuleers are mounting their own rescue operations in defiance of orders from the Federation Navy and Directive Enforcement Department to keep clear.

Reports are also beginning to circulate that the Ishukone Corporation has made contact with the Gallente Senate in a diplomatic effort to gain access to Caldari Prime to assist with the relief operation.

As this story unfolds I worry both for those on the planet and also for the wider cluster, with no direct statement from Tibus Heth on the events over the past few days we can only surmise what his response will be.

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