Dust clears on Caldari Prime

The atmospheric cleaners have revealed the devastation caused by the impact of the seven kilometre piece of the Titan Shiigeru. Looking from orbit you can see multiple craters still burning brightly sending plumes of smoke into the air.

Devastation on Caldari Prime

Devastation on Caldari Prime

I was passing through the system on my way back from combat operations and received a ping on my Neocom from the news wires, I decided to swing by and have a look at the devastation. It was a macabre spectacle and I felt uneasy about being there.

From high orbit, the devastation is spread over an area that totals some 1.2 million square kilometres at the southern end of the Kaalakiota Peaks. Several distinct craters can be glimpsed, bathed in the amber glow of burning titanium diborite and molten rock, with trails of smoke stretching for hundreds of kilometres across the landscape.

There was a few other capsuleers at the beacon of the former location of the Titan, probably doing the same as me, starring down at a planet in ruin.

Being unable to do anything, my uneasiness became more apparent, I continued my journey out of the system with the image of the devastated plant burning in my mind.

The negotiations, headed by the Ishukone Corporation, have been moving forward:

After an unopposed vote in the (Gallente) Senate chambers, following a humbling speech on Saturday by Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola, the Senate reached a unanimous decision to allow the corporation access to the Luminaire system in order to assist with the ongoing relief effort.

It’s reassuring to read that the Mega Corporations are looking to provide relief, despite some expressing their dissatisfaction with Ishukone’s actions. I’m still sceptical as to the true response of Caldari and the continued lack of comment from Tibus Heth only reinforces the uncertainty of things to come.

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