Tibus Heth addresses the State

Press Conference - New Caldari PrimeFour days after the events in the Luminaire system, Tibus Heth has finally made a statement as reported by the news wires. He made the speech on New Caldari Prime in the New Caldari solar system in front of a crowd of onlookers.

According to the new release the Executor made an aggressive address regarding the “atrocities committed against both the Caldari Navy and the Caldari People by Gallente armed forces”.

The tone of the address was ramped up with a ominous promise that:

“the aggressive action of the Federation Navy will not go unchecked”

You can speculate on what he intends to do, but clearly diplomacy seems off the table at this point. The news story describes how Heth was calm at first but became:

“more animated by the minute, and repeatedly had to pause during his statement to compose himself and regain his breath”

While I understand any leader who suffered such a defeat would be furious, it seems to me that his lack of control stems from his inexperience of warfare and clearly is out of his depth.

He then went on to berate the Ishukone Corporation for their cooperation with the Gallente Senate and attacked Mens Reppola for his involvement in brokering access to Caldari Prime to conduct relief operations and stated that:

“if Mens Reppola truly had any idea what was best for the people, and indeed for the Ishukone Corporation, he would not be openly consorting with enemies of the State”

If this wasn’t maniacal enough, he continued his speech focusing on the commanders of the Caldari Navy fleet, the story writes:

Executor Heth then promised a full investigation into the actions of both Admiral Visera Yanala, pilot of the Shiigeru, and wing commander Sami Okuuda of the Caldari Navy’s 37th ‘Octopus’ Squadron.

Does this imply he is trying to deflect blame onto the Admiral and her subordinates? If so, I doubt that will go down well with the hard-line Caldari that see Visera Yanala as a hero.

Morwen Lagann

Morwen Lagann

The capsuleer community have their own comments to make via IGS and the response is mixed, even some of the Caldari loyalists are displeased with the response from Heth.

In the mean time, the relief effort continues from the capsuleer community with aid packages being collected and distributed as well as search and rescue operations being set-up on the planet.

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