Heth losing his grip?

Caldari & GallenteAs the dust settles on Caldari Prime and aid convoys reach those in needed the political situation continues to be the battle ground with Tibus Heth becoming more and more erratic. A recent news story is a stark reminder of who Tibus Heth really is and how his grip on the State is waning.

The news story shows the contradictions in his statement as he lambastes the Caldari corporations for providing aid to Caldari Prime and the general agreement to create a Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) of Caldari Prime.

State Executor Tibus Heth delivered a fiery speech to Kaalakiota workers this morning, calling the agreement between the CEP and Federation to turn Caldari Prime into a demilitarized zone “an appeasement that solves nothing and keeps billions of Caldari imprisoned for future generations.” He also questioned the actions of Ishukone and Sukuuvestaa in providing aid to the planet “at the cost of recovering it for those it belongs to.”

Which, in my opinion, is a contradiction. Caldari Prime will benefit from the aid (for both sides of the conflict) and the DMZ will attempt to keep the peace. Clearly he wants to see more of his own people die with the stance he’s taking and still has warmongering feelings instead of diplomacy and peaceful resolution, as his comment implies:

“So shortly after the Shiigeru crashed, we had supposedly loyal Caldari jumping to get into bed with the Gallente. We should have taken the opportunity to rally and retake our planet and place a new shield in orbit around it. Instead, Ishukone and the other members of the Chief Executive Panel allowed the Gallente to have their way and signed away our homeworld. We had retaken what was ours and in the course of a few hours, we simply gave it away. This is unacceptable.”

The history of the State has always been fractious, you don’t have to look too far into the past to recount how things turned out after the last Gallente-Caldari war:

Then, the mega corporations split into two groups, one that wanted to pursue peace negotiations with the Gallenteans and another that wanted all out war. The matter was solved during the Morning of Reasoning, when during a morning meeting of the Chief Executive Panel the warmonger corporations forced the CEO’s of the other corporations to perform the Tea Maker Ceremony. The CEO’s had to drink poisoned tea; if the Maker looked favourably upon them they would be saved, otherwise their crimes would be confirmed by their deaths. They all died and the warmonger corporations (the current mega corporations) split the assets of the fallen corporations between them and escalated to total war.

Could this be the next step for Heth? His opinions of the other Mega Corps. are at odds with what he believes to be the right course of action, so could we be reading a story soon that a similar “Ceremony” will take place in the coming weeks/months?

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