Atrocities done to a family

Dilaro thagriin

It’s not normal practice for me to publish this kind of discussion on my public data feed, but this touched a raw nerve with me and I feel I needed to share it and record it here for you to see. As you already know I’m a staunch supporter of the anti-slavery movement in New Eden, it’s what drives me every day and why I lobby as much as I can in any channels that will give me access. Continue reading

AAR: Live Aid

Tempest Fleet Issue

I had spent the day preparing ships for the escort operation to provide aid to the Minmatar civilians caught up in the Angel Cartel attacks in Oddelulf and Bogelek. Our commanders requested we fly “Fleet Issue” frigate, cruiser and battleship hulls, where possible, so I decided to rally my hangar crew to prepare and fit a Republic Fleet Firetail, Stabber Fleet Issue and a Tempest Fleet Issue. Continue reading

AAR: Vault destroyed by Angel Cartel

Machariel Battleship

Now that we are aware of the Angel Cartel threat we have been watching and waiting for their next strike. We received a distress call from Gernal Egivand that his Vault in Bogelek was under attack. We thought we were ready for the next encounter, but the response was in disarray as many pilots were spread all over the Heimatar region and it would take them time to travel to the system or prepare the appropriate ship to counter the Angels attack. Continue reading