Into the Wildlands


With the lack of comms recently its been hard to update you on what’s been happening, many many things have changed; but I’ll try to be brief! Last we spoke we were fighting to save our space from mercenary invaders, Pandemic Legion, as well as fend off cowardly attacks from alliances that we once called friends and allies, Daisho Syndicate and Sodalitas XX. Continue reading

Time for R & R

Mirkur Draug'Tyr [KHAI]

The last few weeks have certainly taken their toll and what with recent events with Pandemic Legion (PL) time has been short and so is my logging of the events! To bring you up to speed, we are currently at war with many factions and alliances all looking to either topple our close ally Against ALL Authorities (-A-) or make opportunistic strikes to gain more space. Continue reading

AAR: Battle for KBP7-G (III)


Unfortunately I had to be planet side when it was time to go and hit the KBP7-G station and take control away from our old alliance. I had a brief chat in the corp. comms. channel to wish everyone good luck and do some serious damage to the enemy if they dared to show up. Continue reading