AAR: Battle for KBP7-G (I)

KBP7-G Battle Fleet

Not long after our last encounter my chief engineer had readied the new ship and organised the supplies and crew, he’s a good man I’d be lost without him! We were back in a Drake and fitted pretty much as before so no new modules to worry about. It was time to head for our high-sec entry system KBP7-G and hit another Infrastructure Hub (iHub), but this one was in its second reinforcement so was an important target. Continue reading

AAR: Battle for 9UY4-H (again! I)

9UY4-H SBU Protection

The dust hasn’t even settled on the recent betrayal and we are already forming up to retake what is rightfully ours! Its true that the betrayal has hit us hard, all of us have assets and crews spread across Providence many of which are now inaccessible because our individual corporations are no longer able to dock at what were once our stations. Continue reading