AAR: Battle for Caldari Prime

It’s finally happened, Tibus Heth’s appointment of Visera Yanala to command the Leviathan class Titan Shiigeru inevitably would lead to conflict. The Titan in low orbit of Caldari Prime has been a constant reminder of the tensions between the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State. Continue reading

The Destiny Foundation

I would like to draw your attention to an excellent initiative in the Federation created by Augustus Inhonores; The Destiny Foundation. The initiative seeks to “elevate the status of young populations in impoverished Federation countries and colonies” through funding provided by Augustus Inhonores’ commercial activities. Continue reading

Atrocities done to a family

Dilaro thagriin

It’s not normal practice for me to publish this kind of discussion on my public data feed, but this touched a raw nerve with me and I feel I needed to share it and record it here for you to see. As you already know I’m a staunch supporter of the anti-slavery movement in New Eden, it’s what drives me every day and why I lobby as much as I can in any channels that will give me access. Continue reading