Atrocities done to a family

Dilaro thagriin

It’s not normal practice for me to publish this kind of discussion on my public data feed, but this touched a raw nerve with me and I feel I needed to share it and record it here for you to see. As you already know I’m a staunch supporter of the anti-slavery movement in New Eden, it’s what drives me every day and why I lobby as much as I can in any channels that will give me access. Continue reading

AAR: Kourmonen defence

Talos Gallente Battlecruiser

Losing to the Angel Cartel earlier in the day left a bad taste in my mouth, we need to rally more Minmatar allies and be ready for the next encounter. Using my contacts I spoke with a few leaders of other Minmatar alliances or sympathisers to try and spread the word about the Angel Cartel attacks in an effort to garner their support. Continue reading