Empire Logistics Report: ELR396

Mirkur Draug'Tyr [KHAI]

This week saw the continuation of the invention work and I’m please to report that three of our five invention jobs were successful and now have three additional Wolf blueprints within our inventory. The two failures were for Vagabond vessels and again we are investigating the cause or ways to improve our chances. Continue reading

Empire Logistics Report: ELR395

Mirkur Draug'Tyr [KHAI]

We took delivery of two ORE Primae’s this week, plus the one you have makes three Primae’s in Empire, we haven’t employed them in any meaningful way yet as I our existing industrial fleet seems more than adequate at the moment. Will keep you apprised on the situation. Continue reading

AAR: War on Amarr / XR01

Ishkur Assault Frigate

The hold wrought by Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) has been broken and their allies are mostly destroyed or fled, its time to take the war directly to Amarr and clean low security (low sec) and borderland areas of their supporters. Continue reading